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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Funniest Birthday Card Ever!

Ok, so here is a little background on the Maltby family. First of all, my mom loves to make cards for our family...birthdays, anniversaries, father's day, doesn't matter.

Secondly, my mother is the queen of superimposing pictures together. Specifically she is an expert at putting people's heads from other pictures to cover up the funny face they were making in another picture. She uses this a lot for my sister Ann who can't seem to keep her eyes open in pictures where the rest of us look great!

Lastly, my mom absolutely hates clowns. Not that I can blame her...they are really creepy.

So now here is the card that my mom made for my brother-in-law Nathan's birthday.

No more words need to be said about this, except maybe... where the heck did she get that picture of the clowns???

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pony Ride Anyone?

Saturday Phil and I traveled up to Lansing for a pig roast at my friend’s Shell & Bird’s. They just built a new deck so we got to enjoy the new furnishings and visit with my friends. The pig was delicious, the company was tons of fun and we even got to play some volleyball.

Shell’s son Talan had a great time. He was running all over like a crazy person. He especially loved Tula. We had a little photo shoot with him & Tula. Too cute!

Here we are before the drinking began.
The girls (Shell, our lovely hostess, me and Jamie).
Let the photo shoot begin, Talan & Tula.
Show me your muscles.
Say cheese.

Phil even helped Talan go for a Tula pony ride.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Officially a soccer mom

Friday night was the final gathering of the U14 BC United girls soccer team. They had a pool party, hosted by one of the girl’s grandparents. There was a lot of swimming, screaming, talking about boys, eating and of course they finished the night with a haircut for Phil and some truck “decorating.”

The girls and their mom’s made Phil a really cool scrapbook with pictures of the team over the years that he has coached it and all of the fun things they have done. After all the sentimental crap was out of the way, they proceeded to throw each other in the pool and Phil of course could not resist cannon balling them.

After swimming, the girls wanted to give Phil a “haircut”… I’ll use this term loosely here. He ended up with a pseudo Mohawk which lasted for a day or so and then we “fixed” it.

Some of the girls were even generous enough to “decorate” Phil’s truck. The mom’s and I (yes I think I might officially be a soccer mom… even though I am not technically a mom) were commenting on their amateur job of toilet papering… where’s the saran wrap??

Everyone seemed to have a really good time. It was a good way to end things for the team.

Here is the team before swimming.

Phil mid-cannon ball action.

Here is Landon (a little brother) helping Phil get in the boat

The haircut begins.

At this point I was a little scared he was going to end up looking like a monk... notice the nice bald spot in the middle of his head.

The finished product.

Here are their decorations.

The girls responsible.

The scrapbook.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

College Grad.... Again

Last night I turned in my last final exam of my Master's degree. After just over 1 year, I am officially DONE with school! For now at least. Graduation ceremonies are next weekend I think, but my celebrations have already begun.

At work we had a nice greasy lunch at Red Robin where my team suprised me by showing up to join us. After that we had some yummy cake and ice cream in the office to celebrate.

Last night, I got home and spent the entire night sitting on my butt on the couch. It was awesome! I'm sure it will get old really fast, but for one night I relaxed and enjoyed every minute of it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Miss J and Father's Day

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting my friend Jess & her family (including mom, sister, niece and a few dogs to round out the group).

It was fun to see them all and spend some time together.

Here is a picture of Miss Jayda... I can't believe how big she's gotten. She's almost ready to walk, she'll be there before you know it... then watch out world!

Sunday we celebrated father's day at my parents house with the whole fam. The boys went golfing while the rest of us played in the garden and visited. Once they got back we had a big BBQ, Maltby style and then pigged out on desserts.

For father's day we got my dad an iPod. He is officially cooler and more technology saavy than I am (since I don't have one). He was pretty excited and luckily my sister knows what she's doing so she was able to show him how to use it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The end of a soccer era...

Well, this Sunday was the end of Phil’s soccer season and the end of his coaching career with this group of girls. Phil has coached this same group of girls for the past 4 years and next year they will move on to high school soccer. So this was his last weekend of games with these girls…forever.They had a double header on Sunday.

The first game was blazing hot and I ended up with some major sunburn (even with spf 45 on!). They won that game 4-1.

Then we had a few hours break while some storms rolled through. We had to wait out lightening for a few hours and then they finally got to play their final game. They ended up tying this game which was a bummer to end the season on.

The girls got Phil a really nice frame with a team picture that they all signed. Then of course they also got him a nice big jug of cold water all over his head… or at least they tried.

Here is a team photo...while we were waiting out the storm.

Phil with his picture.

Birdie trying to catch coach Phil.

Here are the rest of the girls ganging up on him... although at this point he's picked up Birdie and is using her as a shield.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Getting Closer....

We have a roof on our garage... the end seems so close... yet so far away.

Golf Outing Here We Come

Saturday was the annual Stryker golf outing. My work team decided to buy new shirts and form a golf team. Mind you only my boss was a real golfer. Besides my boss, only I had been golfing before this event (and that was only 1 time - at last year's golf outing).

So we were expecting to win!

Here is my boss giving a golf lesson to my other team member.

My boss & I in our golf cart.

Here is the team that won "Best Team Outfits."... we were a close second with our matching shirts.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Muddy Soccer Practice

The end is near for Phil's U14 girls soccer season. He has coached these same girls for the past 5 (maybe 6) years and in the fall they will all be moving on to high school soccer. So this is the last season for his team.

This weekend are their final few games so this was their last week of practice. Tuesday they decided to have some fun, which I'm sure Phil did not instigate... yeah right.

Here are the girls after some fun in the mud.

Phil with the team. If you notice, some of the girls were a little too "girly" to play in the mud, so they are still nice and clean here.

My Runner Sisters

This past weekend my sisters got up bright and early on Sunday and ran a half marathon (that's 13.1 miles!) from Dexter, Michigan to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

My brother-in-law's and I were there to cheer them on the whole way. They were awesome!!

Good job sisters!

Here is my first attempt to capture them running... don't worry I did better later. But you will notice Jennifer waving in the background of this random person's head.

Here they are! Go sisters!

They were still in good spirits at the end too!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Weekend

This weekend was the “Happy Birthday Weekend.” We kicked it off with a party for Jon at our house on Friday night. Curtis (who is back in town from Hawaii) and his girlfriend came over to help us celebrate. We decorated the house, make ice cream cone cakes (sort of) and of course the boys played ping pong. It was a fun night and really good to see Curtie.

Saturday, Phil’s soccer team had a game (which they won 4-0). Jon and I were there to cheer them on the whole way. After the game it was back to the Camburn’s (Jon’s parents) for a little cookout to celebrate Jon’s birthday some more (on the actual day too). I got a wonderful tour of Mr. Camburn’s gardens, which are amazing and I am so jealous.

After the cookout, Phil and I took off for Ann Arbor to my sister’s house to attend another birthday party. We celebrated my brother-in-law, Nate’s birthday and also my cousin Staci’s 21st birthday. There was a great turnout, lots of family and friends to help celebrate. TONS of food and drinks, a little corn hole and of course no Maltby event would be complete without some cards.
Happy Birthday Jon!
Here is Jon with his ice cream cone cake. (Tula is eyeing him in the background).
Erin and I with our fabulous creations.
Curtie and Adrian (not sure if I spelled that right). We missed you Curtie.
Here is coach Phil after the soccer game. Good job girls!
Dad & Nate playing cornhole (yes that is really what it's called) in Ann Arbor. Nice form Dad!

The girls cleaning up after the feast.
Rhiannon, Annie, Jennifer and Mom.
Staci and Nate (Happy Birthday you two!)
Oh yeah, aside from the hilarious card my mom made for Nate (see future post), he also got a wonderful bug zapper racquet. It basically electrocutes any bugs that you can hit with it. Needless to say, they had a lot of fun with it.