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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sparklers & Puzzles

Well this weekend was filled with food, homework and cleaning. Saturday we spent celebrating Phil's grandma's birthday at his mom's house. We ate lots of food and even has sparklers on our peanut butter pie.

After our birthday excitement, Phil needed to calm down a little so he got to work on the puzzle he has been doing at night while I am at class. He finally finished it this weekend! Oh I'm so proud :)

Here is Grandma enjoying her present & Grandpa pretending to care.

Grandma and her sparkler pie.

My wonderful husband and his finished puzzle.

Here is Tula celebrating the big puzzle finish!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You know you live in Michigan when...

This website is too funny... there is actually a website set up to petition for road improvements in Michigan. On that website they are having a contest to see who can provide the best picture of a pothole on a Michigan road.

The best part is that the prize for winning the contest is $318, I'm pretty sure a new axle would cost more than that!

Here are some of the ones I liked.
Look at how much this truck is leaning...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sunday Snow Storm

This weekend we had many visitors to our house. Saturday my friend Jess stopped by and dropped her dog off to play with Tula for the weekend (we were dog sitting). Phil had a girls soccer game on Saturday afternoon, which they won 11 to 0. Then we had lunch with Phil's mom at the Cracker Barrel (which I love and haven't been to in a long time).

Saturday evening we dog sat and then ventured out to meet Jess & her sister for dinner. The weather was so terrible, we must have gotten 4 inches of snow in two hours! It was crazy! We made it home safely and decided to stay inside for the rest of the night.

Sunday morning Phil's brother Robbie, sister-in-law Rachel and their son little Robbie came over from Detroit. They were supposed to be going to the spa in Richland to get massages while we babysat. Well, turns out because of the big snow storm, downtown Richland (yes we all know it's about two blocks big) didn't have any power, including the spa. So instead they stayed at our house and hung out for the day. Phil's mom and dad came over as well. Little Robbie opened Christmas presents and we had a big feast of Turkey.

Here is little Robbie laughing at his Uncle Phil.

Grandma sharing her chips with little Robbie

Little Robbie and his Christmas present (it's a school bus that came complete with a wheelchair for the handicapped kid and a bus driver named Carlos - I swear that is what the box said!).

Uncle Phil and Robbie... don't let this fool you Robbie was trying to escape.

Me & Phil's dad getting ready to break the wishbone

I won!

Time for Little Robbie to go home..

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tapas Anyone?

Happy birthday Annie!!

To celebrate my older sister’s birthday, my family went to dinner at a Tapas bar (which Phil only agreed to go to because he thought I said Topless bar) in downtown Kalamazoo called Fandangos.

This was my first experience at a Tapas bar and it was excellent.

We each ordered a few of the appetizers that we wanted and we all pigged out. The food was great, the atmosphere was so fun and we got try tons of different kinds of food. Unfortunately we didn't quite make it to dessert, we were all to stuffed, but I hear they have spectacular desserts.

On Sunday we went to my parent’s house for a Super Bowl party. We made our own mini Tapas bar at my parents house with all sorts of goodies included meatballs, chicken wings, cheesy potatoes and of course the ever famous peach salsa dip.

Before the game my mother went through all of her Christmas decorations and things that she doesn’t want anymore and divided them up between my sisters and me. We found some really fun things from our past, the best of which was our Pound Puppies (those were my favorite)!

Grandma was not happy after it was all said and done because that Tom Brady stunk! But we all had a great time otherwise.

Here we all are at dinner:

Nate trying some of the food.

Gual & Annie (the birthday girl)

Nate, my mom and Phil at dinner

Here is Oba with her new pals ... the Pound Puppies.