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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Car Seat Assembly

Saturday after our baby class, we decided to put our new present together. After a little instruciton reading we were able to figure it out relatively simply.
The car seat.

The stroller.

The whole package.

Thank you again Stryker people!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Empanadas & Wrestling

Friday night our friends Randy, Lisa, Jon & Erin came over to make some Chilean Empanada's. Lisa is from Chile so she did most of the work while Erin & I were her lovely assistants. They turned out fantastic, although Lisa did not think they were up to par. (it definitely didn't stop us from eating them).

Erin & Lisa making the dough. (of course Kala, Randy & Lisa's dog helped).

Erin stuffing the empanadas.
Here is Lisa frying them. I think that's why they were so good!

Our finished product.
While we were busy in the kitchen making dinner. The boys kept themselves occupied with March Madness, ping pong & to complete the night a little old fashioned wrestling. This (as most of you can guess) did not end well. Randy was outnumbered by Phil and Jon, and somehow Jon was the one who ended up getting hurt. There was some minor bleeding that needed first aid care and of course some heckling by those not injured in the events.
Here is Jon with ice on his eye, after the bleeding had stopped. Don't Phil and Randy just look really sorry in this picture?
The aftermath. The cut was actually on the inside of his eyelid so you can't really see it from here, but it was gross!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Showered with presents

Friday, my work group (and my friend Traci who I work with but is not part of my work group) threw a baby shower for baby Maltburg. Deb, Erin & Traci did an awesome job (and everyone else who helped...sorry if I missed anyone). They had the room all decorated, the cake was delicious & there was even a Price is Right name that price game filled with baby stuff.
The people that I work with were so generous, they pooled together & purchased our car seat/stroller combo system for us! I am still in shock that they were so nice. Phil and I are very grateful to them all!!! Thank you everyone! (I will post pictures of it shortly)
The cake was delicious (even though the teddy bear frosting was colored very similar to poo).

Two of my shower organizers (Traci & Deb).
Me opening our WONDERFUL gift!
Then when we got home from work Friday night, Jon & Erin, along with the other Mr. & Mrs. Camburn stopped by to bring us another present!!

Jon & Erin made us this wonderful crib. It is so beautiful and will be perfect on Phil's side of the bed (just kidding). It is an awesome present that we will cherish & have for a very long time. Kudos to Erin for picking out the stain color!

Phil wanted to try it out by using Pooh in place of baby Maltburg.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Team Building

A few weeks ago I had to organize a team buildling activity for my work group. Their goal was to make a structure our of newspaper, duct tape & straws that would support the weight of milk jug filled partially with water & still be able to pass a hat full of candy under it.

Both teams were successful (guess I should've made it a little harder). In fact one team even made theirs strong enough to support the weight of a team member! Impressive. Go Stryker!

Team 1

Team 2

Here is Joe testing out the strength of their bridge.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nap Time

Nothing says nap time like some Sunday afternoon sunshine.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Crib Set Up

Sunday my family came over to have lunch & help us get the crib (that my wonderful Grandma purchased for us) set up. When we opened the crib one of the railings was crushed, so we had to call the store & have them order a new one. Luckily the broken piece was the very last piece to attach, so we were able to put it mostly together anyways.
Mom & Dad got us a top of the line organic mattress & some very cute bedding (which are supposed to be for the shower, but they let us use them early!). So we had a complete crib set by the end of the day.

Mom & Annie putting the crib together.

Dad with the specially designed organic mattress.

The final product. The crib is wonderful, I couldn't be happier with it. The quilt is super cute, but I think will end up as a wall hanging at some point.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Detroit Travels

This weekend, Phil & Jon were going to Robbie's house to help him with some home improvement projects. So I hitched a ride and got to spend some time with my favorite Detroit family. My friend Jess & her sister live about 20 minutes from Robbie's house, so it worked out perfectly. The boys worked hard, while I spent the weekend lounging at Jess' and being entertained by my almost 2 year old "niece" Jayda.

Jayda was very interested in wearing my slippers (that are actually boots)... I know they are a little raggedy, but I love them... they are so warm!!

And finally, for those of you who have been dying for it... a belly picture. Enjoy because it is probably the last!