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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lightning Strikes Twice

This summer we had a pretty mild storm actually that resulted in lightning striking two of our trees right by our house. Thankfully neither of them fell down (at least from the storm) and we didn't even lose power! That is an amazing feat for us, because we lose power all the time!
So of course this was a great opportunity for Phil and his dad to cut down some more trees (although they are the ones he really wanted to cut down, that is still up for debate, but they'll do). So one Saturday this summer after the storm, our friend Randy & his brother came over and the four boys cut down two trees in our front yard. Natalie, Tula and I cheered them on and brought them Gatorade. :)

Tree #1

Tree #2
Randy helping cleanup once the tree was down.

Rob working his magic with the chain saw.

The aftermath.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In case you didn't notice

Baby Maltburg 2.0 will be joining us in just 90 short days (13 weeks) or less!
Yes that's right sportsfans I am currently almost 7 months pregnant with baby # 2. Everything is going well so far, we've had two ultrasounds and everything is normal and healthy. This pregnancy has been a little rougher than the first since I am getting far less sleep/rest this time around with a little monster running all over the place. I'm finally past the "sick" phase which lasted about 5 months. I'm currently in the honeymoon phase (as my friend referred to it) which lasts about 1 month and soon I'll be moving into the uncomfortable/is this over yet phase for the last 3 months.

Let's see if I can cover all the questions for you:

Due date is November 22nd.
We did not find out the sex of the baby.
Natalie & 2.0 will be 18 months apart.
Thomas (my nephew) & 2.0 will be 4 months apart.
I'm feeling good...for now.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pictures Galore

Here are a ton of random pictures to explain the last few months. Enjoy!
My little jazzersize baby.
Annie & Natalie

Pool time at Grandma & Grandpa's
Wearing Annie's goggles.
Grandpa & Natalie all dressed up.
Why buy toys when she can always play with Grandpa's chest hair?

My new cousin!

So pretty!

Favorite summer food: Corn on the Cob courtesy of Grandpa Amsterburg
Summer weddings!

Lugnuts game with the Amsterburg family.

Bird sanctuary with Nona.

Visit in the D with my friend Jess (feeding the deer).
Jayda & Natalie on Belle Isle

Learning from the best!
Jess & Natalie

Monday, August 9, 2010

Shermanator 2010

As many of you may know, this weekend was the infamous Shermanator Sprint Triathalon. This is now the 3rd year in a row that the boys (and others along the way) have done this event. This year it was just Phil, Jon & Randy competing. Our collective families have spent the last several months "preparing" for this event. I say we prepared as a family because I'd like to give credit to the wives who have spent many nights alone or listening to recaps of training times and plans for the day of.
They all finished without injury and did excellent. Of course we were there to cheer them on and take great pictures (thank you Erin). And I'd also like to give us credit for listening to the recap of the actual event, including times and what they could have improved on/will improve for next year.
Here are some action shots of the event. I decided against posting the out of the water swimming pictures to spare everyone some serious spandex shots.
Phil transitioning to the bike. Of course he wore the Grateful Dead shirt which made him easy to pick out of a crowd!

Randy on the run, he is SUPER fast!
Jon heading from the bike to the run. We did let the navy blue & black slide this time, but the fashion police have him on their radar.
The aftermath (Randy, Jon & Phil).
Natalie cheering for her dad.

Baby Champe

Ok, I know I've been MIA for a long time. It's overwhelming to try to catch up so I'm going to start with a very important event, then jump to the present day and at some point do a collage post with pictures of everything over the last few months. Then I will keep up going forward (I promise).
The major event I'm referring to is the birth of my nephew Mr. Thomas Champe Harris. He was born July 5th and was 6lb 9oz and gave us a heck of a time getting here, but we love him just the same.
My mother and I were able to be there to help support Jenni & Nate through the whole ordeal. He is now a whole month old and growing like a weed. Here are a few pictures from the birth. I'll post more updated ones of him later.