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Friday, January 8, 2010

She's on the Move!

A week or so ago now (my time has gotten away from me) our little girl finally made the big move. That's right folks, she's crawling! I've suspected she could crawl for a while now, she just needed the proper motivation. Come to find out, all it took was a TV remote control to motivate her to mosey her way across the room. Since then she has been a girl on the run, I mean crawl.
Her favorite past time (which scared the begeezuz out of me the first time it happened) is to crawl under the coffee table and hang out. Then once that is complete, she moves on to Tula, where she plays with her feet and gets some nice kisses. After a rest, it's on to "help" dad read the newspaper and then back to her mat to play with some toys.
Man this girl is busy! Why did I want her to crawl again?

Occasionally she will take a "rest" after she's made it to her destination. It's hard work being a moving machine!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Recap

Christmas was a bit of a blur this year, like most people it was filled with family, fun & lots of food. We celebrated with Nona (Phil's Mom), Phil's dad and the Maltby family. Natalie made a haul, getting a ton of presents (thank you everyone!). She really enjoyed all the chaos and the wrapping paper was a blast! I think her favorite presents included the touch & feel Christmas book and all the awesome hand me down's from her favorite second cousins.
I won't bore you with the details, but I will say it was a wonderful Christmas and I can't wait until next year! Here are some photos of the fun:
Tree decorating with Dad. (don't mind the drool covered shirt)

Christmas with Nona.

After a quick nap, she was back in action. She spent the rest of the time reading her new touch & feel Christmas book (thank you Uncle Jeff & Aunt Laurie) with Grandpa.

Everyone got into the holiday spirit!

Not gonna lie, this beard is a little creepy, sorry honey!