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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More construction updates

The construction on our new bedroom/bathroom is almost done! Well, I say that in the loosest sense of the word "done." Since being done really just means that the construction guys are leaving for a while and now we have to start our part (which is beginning to feel like A LOT!).

Anyways, it's still pretty exciting. Phil & his dad & I spent Saturday afternoon picking out a toilet... who knew they could be so complicated. Last night Phil & I had to decide on a vanity for the bathroom, countertops & sinks, faucets... you name it... it was a little stressful but we managed to make it through without spending our entire life savings!!

Here is the corner where our bathroom will be.

They framed in the hallway that will have the entrance from the garage & into the house. They also put the flooring down (everywhere except the bathroom anyways).

Phil took these pictures of the construction for me... not sure what this one is all about.

Here is the doorway to get into the hallway from the garage.

Our builder is on vacation for the next week so we will have a week to do some of our work. Then when he gets back it's time to start with adding on the new garage!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Construction

Well it's finally Spring. My tulips have bloomed and look beautiful (for about 2 days and then Tula either stomps on them or pees on them and they die... but I will enjoy them anyways!).

In other exciting news, we've started construction on our house. Our plans are to convert the current garage into a master bedroom and master bathroom and then add another garage on to the front of the house. Yesterday they took the garage door off!!

Here is what the inside currently looks like... I think those will be our new windows. It's all very exciting... a little scary... but mostly exciting.

Of course we will be recruiting everyone we know to come help us finish it up and make it livable so be prepared!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reading is Sexy

Here are some pictures to get you all up to date (since I have been truly slacking on my posts)

Grandma & Jenni with their matching shirts.

Two weekends ago we traveled to South Bend for the "Our house might be selling so come see it while it's pretty" party at the Camburns.

I must say the house is very "pretty." Erin has done a fabulous job decorating and Jon remodeling. The house is definitely ready for them to move out now and onto another pile that needs their help.

Good job Erin! Unfortunately I didn't take much pictures from our fun weekend, but Erin & I traveled (in the rain) to the outlet malls and did some shopping which was very successful for both of us (and the boys, even though they didn't know it).

The boys were in charge of keeping the dogs out of the house so that the realtor could show it to a few couples. After that we went to dinner the the "huge fish sandwich" place, which was delicious. Then we came back to their house and kicked the boys' behinds in some board games! Ya Erin, we rock!

Erin & I the next morning...aren't we looking lovely. Notice the wonderful painting jobs in the background.

Phil and I in the living room.

Jon... not exactly sure what he is doing.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Got Tagged

I got tagged by the theHarberts to share more than you ever wanted to know about me.

Four jobs I have had
1) cashier at Target & in the food court a little
2) video store clerk
3) corn detasseler – if you don’t know what this is… you’re probably from the city
4) auditor for MDOT (Michigan dept of transportation) a.k.a. most hated profession ever (I think even more than lawyers)

Four movies that I have watched more than once
1) My Big Fat Greek Wedding (hello where did you think I got Tula from)
2) Dirty Dancing (Nobody puts Baby in the corner)
3) Goonies (tied for first to be my all time favorite movie)
4) Little Mermaid (also tied for first)

Four Places I Have Lived
1) Po-dunk, Michigan … oh wait I mean Vicksburg, MI
2) A co-op with 15 strangers in East Lansing, Michigan
3) Richland, Michigan (with my wonderful husband & of course Tula)
4) Other random places in East Lansing…

Four TV shows I watch (when I’m supposed to be studying)
1) Funny: Scrubs, the Office
2) Crimefighter: Law & Order: SVU & CSI
3) Daytime: I’m never home during the day… occasionally I watch my DVR’d episodes of Days of Our Lives
4) Reality or Brain Junk Food: Supernanny, American Idol, Biggest Loser and who can forget… So You Think You Can Dance?

Four places I have been
1) Brazil to visit my friend Amy
2) Italy & France (on separate trips)
3) Bolivia – to stay with my sister
4) Oahu, Hawaii

Four people who e-mail me regularly
1) My sisters
2) Phil
3) My friends (Jess, Amy, Shell)
4) People that want something from me

Four of my favorite foods
1) pretty much anything that contains potatoes and/or cheese
2) see above answer (liquid cheese is included in the “cheese” stated before)
3) see above answer (mashed, baked with cheese… you name it!)
4) chocolate (or pretty much anything sweet)

Four places I would like to visit
1) Australia
2) Pretty much anywhere in Europe (probably London since I haven’t been there yet)
3) Bora Bora (I hear it’s beautiful)
4) Alaska (maybe on a cruise!)

Four things I am looking forward to in the next year
1) Jon & Erin’s wedding
2) Being finished with school FOR GOOD!
3) Remodeling our house
4) Going to California for the annual Maltby Family reunion… except it’s not really a reunion this year… more like a vacation I guess

Don't worry... I refuse to tag anyone... so just sit back, relax & enjoy my answers.