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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Play Dates

So I know A LOT of people who had babies right around when Natalie was born. Recently we've been trying to be better about making time to get the kiddies together for play dates (now that they are big enough to interact and start making friends).

We had lunch with my long lost friend from high school, Dawn, who actually lives just down the road from us and has a little girl (Lydia) who is about 3 months old. It was super fun to catch up and nice to meet Miss Lydia. Although they are 3 months apart in age, the girls were about the same size.
By the time we got around to taking pictures, Natalie was pretty tuckered out.

Next, we had dinner with my college roommate/friend, Amy and her daughter Juliana. Ju is 3 (almost 4, I can't believe it!) and was in love with Natalie, well everything except for the puking part. Ju was a lot of help changing diapers & clothes, but when we were getting ready to leave, this was our conversation:

Me: Ju, can I have a hug before we go?
Ju: But you have throw up on your shirt
Me: .... (*pause*) Oh.... well maybe a side hug?

Then to top off our string of fun, we had my other college roommate/friend, Kelly and her daughters Tessa (2) and Taylor (6 mo) over for a visit. Taylor was the queen of rolling over (which Natalie had not done yet) and Natalie was little miss sitter upper (which Taylor was still working on).

We spent most of the time trying to get the girls to learn from each other... and that they did! Only a few days after their meeting, Natalie was rolling over like it was her job and I've heard rumors Miss Taylor is now quite the sitter. Although now that she is rolling, I'm wondering why I wanted her to do that in the first place... life was much simpler when she stayed put.

Here are all the girls together (trust me, this was the best picture we got!)

Now comes the string of our attempt at a picture of the two little ones... which sort of looks like some baby UFC. (don't worry mom, no babies were harmed) They were, to say the least, not very cooperative.

Monday, November 2, 2009

What? No Monster Mash?!?

Halloween festivities started early this year. We celebrated with our annual pumpkin carving party at Nona’s (Phil’s mom). She went all out and had a scary hand punch, Frankenstein cake, pumpkin pizza and even hotdog mummies. We picked out our pumpkins at Gene the Pumpkin Man (who only owns things that are bright orange, including his car). Then we spent the afternoon eating and carving to our hearts content. They all turned out great. Phil even carved Natalie her own pumpkin, which she was really into.

At work, my team dressed as hillbillies (although I think my costume looked more like a cross between a trucker and a train conductor!). No matter what we were, we looked great and were about the only ones with any Halloween spirit.
Halloween day, we convinced Jon and Erin to go to the Zoo Boo at Binder Park Zoo with us. All the workers dress up in their costumes and the entire place is decorated in scary d├ęcor (not too scary as it is geared towards children). We had a great time. We trick or treated at different booths throughout the park, saw some cool animals and even went on a hay ride.

After the zoo fun, we went back to our house where we were joined by our friends Randy and Liza and some other stragglers throughout the night. We ate a lot, played some games, watched a movie and of course football. Before the night was over, we all had too much sugar and too much food.

Happy Halloween everyone!